Mona Yvette Nelson Just Needs to F***ing Die Already!

Five months have now passed since Jonathan Foster, a 12-year old boy was kidnapped on Christmas Eve and brutally burned, killed and dumped like garbage in a ditch off the Hardy Toll Road.

Mona Yvette Nelson,  a 44-year old c**t, was arrested and charged with capital murder a short time later after she was caught by security cameras dumping Foster’s body.

Autopsy has ruled out any trauma to the child’s body. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds so homicide investigators said a welding torch capable of 6,000-degree flames is the likely weapon used in Foster’s death.

"We’re talking crematorium-type of hot," said one Houston Police Department Homicide Squad officer assigned to the investigation.

"I’ve never seen burns like this," said one officer who viewed the boy’s body.

He said the burning was so intense and thorough that many veteran homicide investigators are struggling with the notion of such a grisly and painful way to die.

Nelson has been described as cold, soulless and with a lack of remorse.

The reason for posting this now is that we have learned that Nelson asked to see a medical doctor (wasting more of our tax dollars) claiming the meals she’s being served that are made of pork have made her ill and caused her to lose 18 pounds. OMG WTF!

This douche bag torched a 12-year old boy and she has the audacity to think about herself and complain about her jailhouse diet? I tell you what this bitch needs to eat… A welding torch capable of 6,000-degree flames down her fucking throat!

This c**t had no problem standing face to face with Angela Davis/Motal, Foster’s mother, right after the killing wearing a shirt with stains and burn marks offering to help look for Jonathan.

Burn this bitch alive at the stake! Stop wasting Texas tax dollars on this douche. It was just yesterday that the mayor of Houston had to reach a deal preventing Houston Police layoffs (source) … WTF… Houston have you not seen your crime rates and you want to lay off HPD officers? WTF stupid???

Houston are your city politics really that fucking retarded that laying off HPD looks like a smart move? I feel sorry for anyone that lives in Shitston!

Anyone, and I mean anyone that supports Nelson is a threat to society. Nelson is not the victim, she is the offender, a child KILLER and deserves to die a painful and horrific death. God doesn’t love you because you have love for this type of person so please shove that Christian love where the sun does not shine!

Angela Davis/Motal is not completely off the hook although she is not being actively perused as a suspect.

This Aint PC has learned that there were CPS records for Jonathan’s family and reports of Angela Davis/Motal drug abuse problems.

  • December 2005 there was an allegation of neglected supervision and physical abuse of Jonathan and his half sister.
  • December 2006, there was a second allegation of neglect, physical abuse and medical neglect of both Jonathan and his half sister.

It becomes clear that Jonathan was a victim of circumstance, a drug addict mother that had little to do with Jonathan from age 6 to 11, a absentee father and a questionable stepfather.

I think a lot of people are responsible for what happened to Jonathan.

Namely Mona Yvette Nelson, but also Jonathan’s grandmother who took Jonathan from a stable home of 5 years with his uncle to rekindle the mother son relationship, and Angela Davis/Motal who was anything but a “mother”.

To Mona Yvette Nelson, you will get what’s coming. Justice has a way of being served and we will celebrate as your pleas for life are dissolved and you are executed or killed in prison (whichever comes first).

This Aint PC will not update this story again unless Nelson is killed due to the emotional impact this story has caused.

Source: Click2Houston

RIP Jonathan Foster, God Bless you little buddy! I pray you have found peace on the other side.

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17 Responses to Mona Yvette Nelson Just Needs to F***ing Die Already!


  2. avatar John Dietrich says:

    This is way worse than what happened to Trayvon Martin(which was self-defense, anyway, on the part of Mr. Zimmerman). Why is the mainstream media giving this no coverage?!
    Yeah, right…

  3. avatar grey winter sky says:

    I agree with EVERY WORD you said. Why, oh why, didn’t idiot granny consider how well Jonathan was doing with his uncle and let him stay there? From what I have read, idiot mommy didn’t contact Jonathan very often either when he was living with her brother’s family. This poor baby was the victim of brain dead, selfish, idiots and ultimately a psycho-monster.

  4. avatar TheBlacksRuinEverything says:

    I hope this filthy SHE-THING begs to escape the death penalty … SO THAT — it’s cell mates can torture it every single day — AND THEN — ssslllooowwwlllyyy CREMATE it WHILE it is still ALIVE — AND THEN — it will BURN IN HELL …. for all of eternity !!!!

    Although there may be the rare exceptions to the overall RULE — for the most part ….. all Blacks are savages !!!!

    They are NOT human — they are NOT even members of the animal kingdom — they are demon-possessed savages !!!!!

    Our society absolutely MUST STERILIZE these creatures before they destroy the entire planet.

    It is the KINDEST thing that can be done for these creatures and the safest thing that can be done for humans.

    • avatar Young, Gifted, and Black says:

      Dear The Blacks Ruin Everything,

      Please don’t blame the actions of one very disturbed and evil person on the black race. Also, I refuse to address your comments about us not being human. You sound uneducated and absurd. This case isn’t about race and even though I am African American I am deeply disturbed. This beautiful child didn’t deserve to die and damn sure not in such a heinous way. She did this without compunction and that’s what makes this even more tragic. This woman was a grandmother how couls she do this?

  5. avatar TheBlacksRuinEverything says:

    I hope she begs to escape the death penalty … SO THAT — her cell mates can torture her every single day — AND THEN — ssssslllllooooowwwwwlllllyyyyycremate her while she is still alive — AND THEN — she will BURN IN HELL …. for all of eternity !!!!

    Although there may be the rare exceptions to the overall RULE — for the most part ….. all Blacks are savages !!!!

    They are NOT human — they are NOT even members of the animal kingdom — they are demon-possessed savages !!!!!

    Our society absolutely MUST STERILIZE these creatures before they destroy the entire planet.

    It is the KINDEST thing that can be done for these creatures and the safest thing that can be done for humans.

  6. avatar TheBlacksRuinEverything says:

    That “woman” is nothing more than “fertilizer-disguised-as-an-almost-human”.

    The very presence of those people ruin everything.

    At this point in my life I openly question if they are actually even true humans.

    Another part of me wonders if they are even animals.

    Far too many of them act like demons (and their violence and inappropriate behavior is generally without even the slightest provocation and is never followed by remorse).

    Subhuman savages is what they are.

  7. avatar TheBlacksRuinEverything says:

    When will the government STERILIZE these “people”?!?!?!?!?!!

    There are a few decent (exceptional) blacks that I see where I work—- and they have told us that they do everything in their possibility to avoid the other (regular) blacks (including moving to areas where, other than themselves, they don’t see another negro for miles and miles) because they are scared to death of them.

    When will the government invent a secret drug (and put it in their malt liquor and fried chicken so that they are sure to consume it) that will sterilize these creatures.

    It is a crime-against-humanity that our society has not sterilized these creatures!

  8. avatar TSK says:

    World wake up! ALL negroes must be liquidated. It’s not criminal. It’s cleaning up society. Do not ship them back. Exrterminate!


  9. avatar BigCat says:

    Thanks for the update. We will not forget Johnathan.

    As this is negro-on-white crime, don’t expect any updates on Nancy Grace, CBS, NBC, etal.

  10. avatar Cry for Justice says:

    A quick death is too good for this fucking bitch. I hope she suffers for the rest of her miserable life, and though I am a Christian and believe in Hell and God, I hope that the Good Lord up Above sends this piece of human excrement down to the depths of hell, and that she experiences an eternity of pain and misery. I’d take the cutting torch and start with her feet, then melt her eyes, and other body parts. I’d go Law Abiding Citizen on this she-boon and make her really suffer. There really is no real justice in this world. Fucking Child Killers need to all be burned. End of story.

    • avatar Aint PC says:

      Thanks for you comment! I couldn’t agree more. We need more “Law Abiding Citizen” people in the world. All this bitch is going to do is suck down more tax payer money! Where is Dexter? Why were at it lets add Angela Davis/Motal to the Dexter list!!!

      There is nothing on earth that you can do to this POS to balance the scale for what she did!

      ~Aint PC!

  11. avatar God Eyes says:

    They need to tie mona to a table and very slowly insert a chainsaw into her vagina until she passes out from the pain, and then wake her up and insert some more, keep he alive long enough so that she feels every bit of pain. And thats not even a enough.

    Where is Jigsaw when you need him?

  12. avatar Casey Lynn says:

    What a POS for a mother! I hope she is happy with her choices!

  13. avatar J-Son says:

    I cant wait for this loser to die! Rot is hell you psycho bitch! The devil is going to grunge fuck you with a cutting touch!

  14. avatar American Justice says:

    Someone whack this skank! Ill put money on your books lol!

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